Living Skillfully

Current Sermon Series in Proverbs

Do you have a desire to navigate life skillfully as God would have you? Do you desire wisdom? This series will give you practical, helpful and relevant truth that will apply to your everyday life situations. Learn what Proverbs has to say about friendships, anger, finances, and more!

Faith Enduring Through Adversity

Current Sermon Series in the Book of Daniel

For every believer, adversity will come. Navigating through those tough times with faithfulness requires the same principles that enabled Daniel and his friends to overcome. In the end it's all about pointing to our great God and His faithfulness! 

Fully Yielded To God

Sermon from Missionary Vladimir Lukyanov

To yield ourselves fully to God because of the mercies received through Christ, is the best life possible. Discover the joy of a fully surrendered life from Romans 12:1. 


Sermon Series (based upon Matthew 5-7)

In a world that is increasingly hostile toward Christianity, this series in the Sermon on the Mount will equip you to courageously follow after Christ and His kingdom.

Contend for the Faith

(based upon Jude 3)

Learn how to earnestly contend for the faith in this sermon by Pastor Brian and be challenged to faithfully persevere under prolonged pressure.

Do You Believe?

Current Sermon Series (based upon Luke 1:26-56)

Have your faith challenged through the example of Mary, and discover what real faith looks like!

Missions Emphasis Sunday

Bro. Samuel Martin (Bearing Precious Seed Ministries) 

The Power of His Resurrection

Easter Sunday, April 4th 

The power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ has power unlike any other. Discover this matchless power as described in Philippians 3:10. 

Walk Worthy

Series based on the Book of Ephesians

Discover how to walk worthy of Christ; to walk in ways that declare He is deserving of all glory and honor based upon His great sacrifice in our behalf.

Gospel in the Genealogy

Christmas Mini-Series 

Through a study of the genealogy in Matthew, discover how the gospel is clearly seen, and how it has the power to save and transform your life!

Sermon Archives

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