How to Pray for Missionaries

 Missionaries to the Ukraine, Derek and Julie Thomas, joined us for this special Sunday. Derek and Julie shared how God is working miraculously through the power of the gospel in the war torn country of Ukraine. Bro. Derek then preached a powerful message on how to pray for our missionaries from I Thessalonians 5:1-2. 

Each One, Reach One

 In this sermon from John 4 by Pastor Brian, explore the power of building relationships to connect people to the most important relationship. This is a relationship with God through through faith alone in Jesus Christ!

The Cry of the Gospel

Bro. Josh Burkholder (Camp Director, Amazing Grace Baptist Camp) joined us for this special Sunday! He reported on the camp and then preached a message from John 7:37-39 on "The Cry of the Gospel". Learn how to let the Holy Spirit flow from your life in amazing ways!

Missions in Philippians

 We were thankful to have Bro. Billy and his wife Mary Ann with us on this special Sunday. Hear him share about his anticipated work in Portugal and a message from the book of Philippians on missions.

What is a Woman?

 In a culture in which seemingly everything is being redefined or in some cases 'unable' to be defined, this two part message takes a clear look at the how the Bible defines a woman by her Creator, not by the culture.

Revival Meeting, 2022

 Be challenged from these messages preached by Bro. Jake D'andrea during our spring revival meeting at FBC!

"Biblical Forgiveness"

A message from guest speaker, Tracy Nix (church planter in Springfield MO.) Discover some key principles to practicing forgiveness where hurts have occured in your relationships.

"How to Help the Hurting"

A message from guest speaker, Sean Teis (founder of Life Factors), focusing on the story of the Good Samaritan and how we can help the hurting.

"As He Said"

A message from guest speaker, David Pringle, focusing on the need to trust the Word of God and to allow it to impact our daily living.

A message preached from John 7:37-39 in connection with our VBS program & theme: Is He in You? Let Him Out! 

Obtaining a Clean Bill of

Mental Health

A message preached by Bro. Tracy Nix from Psalm 61, on how to overcome depression. 

How to Experience Peace

A message preached by Bro. Dave Taylor from Philippians 4, on how to have peace in tumultuous times.

Confidence in the Crisis

Learn how to navigate personal crises and how to live in a changing world. Sermon series is based upon Psalm 16.

Stay Little

The life of King Saul is a valuable lesson in the importance of remaining humble. 

Thriving Church

The church that strives together thrives together

A healthy church is comprised of certain ingredients.  Based upon Ephesians 4, discover how the church that strives together is a church that thrives together! 

Freeway Sunday

The truth still sets free from the bondage of sin

Bro. John Stroup and others from the Freeway Ministries share their testimonies on this special Sunday! Listen and be encouraged by the power of the gospel!


To be courageous is to persevere under pressure

This sermon was preached on Senior Sunday, a day in which the high school seniors of FBC were challenged and given special recognition. The text is from Joshua 1:1-9